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We are the only company in the world designed to support you with world-class processes, data-driven insights, next-generation learning technology, smart content and strategic sourcing. Behind the scenes of a classroom or training center, alongside educators and local administrators, or onsite at your workplace, LearningMate works with you to make a difference.

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For Digital Learning

Our clients come from many different places with one common belief. They believe in the power of learning, and are committed to making society. the workplace, and the world a better place.

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In the Education Enterprise

Our learning labs serve as a testing ground for big ideas, drawing connections, and ultimately, bridges between new technologies like VR or AI, and meaningful learning experiences.

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Every Assessment Counts

We believe assessing student knowledge is no longer limited to high-stakes or standardized tests, it’s an ongoing, daily process that continuously measures and tracks student progress and provides actionable insights to educators.


Learning Design Using Data

Using algorithms to identify learning patterns, risk factors and intervention opportunities, we connect students with the learning tools and strategies they need when then need them most.

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Learning Conversation


LearningMate’s Kate Parker recently sat down with Dr. Gregory Fowler, President of SNHU’s Global Campus, to discuss the university’s efforts to reduce the cost of education, how they are broadening access for their learners, and things they’ve had to “unlearn” in the process.


Amy Stevens, VP of Academic Resources & Technology and Executive Director of Competency-Based Education at SNHU, shares how SNHU approaches learning design across its three course models, how they are planning for the class of 2030, and more!


Watch for updates, more great content from LearningMate is coming here soon.

“Our mission is to connect people, processes, and technologies to drive meaningful transformation in teaching and learning.”


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